2017 KIOTI NX5510 HST Cab

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NX5510 HST Cab



Key Features
  • CRDI Diesel Engine with Daedong ECO Technology: The new Common Rail Diesel Engine (CRDI) improves fuel efficiency while reducing noise levels. With this eco-friendly Tier 4 engine, the NX series offers the operator a quiet work environment with powerful performance.
  • Torque Compensation: This feature enables the engine to maintain a consistent and stable torque level under all conditions.
  • Turn Assist Control: The optional turn assist control kit will drop the engine rpm by 10% automatically when turning sharply. This feature will allow for more precise work and reduces fuel consumption during sharp turns.
  • Projection and Working Lamp: With the new projection head and working lamp, the operator will experience safer and easier operation after the sun goes down.
  • Anti-Stall Function: When the "Anti-Stall function" is engaged, the tractor will protect itself from instant engine stall when there is momentary engine overload. The operator can also fix and set maximum speed limit when safe and precise working is needed.
  • PTO Cruise Control: With one touch, engine speed may be set to maintain steady PTO rpm to maximize working efficiency. When engaged, the operator may manipulate the PTO rpm by simply clicking a switch.
  • Hydraulic Independent PTO: The standard rear PTO is easily engaged by the simple push of a button. A safety interlock prevents the engine from starting when the PTO switch is left on. All models come standard with a selectable manual or automatic PTO option. When the Auto PTO is engaged, the PTO will automatically shut off when the 3-point control is raised, eliminating exposure to the running implements.
  • True Speed Cruise Control: Electronic HST control system enables the tractor to maintain a set speed no matter what the condition of the ground or load is. This is a very useful feature especially for work requiring a set speed for precise coverage or application.
  • Power Steering: Hydrostatic power steering minimizes the effort required to make tight, repetitive turns. The steering wheel tilts with the simple push of a lever, allowing easy adjustment to fit the operator needs.
  • Deluxe Suspension Seat: Ergonomically designed, fully adjustable suspension seat allows the operator to ride in comfort no matter what the task may be. A pocket on the back of the seat allows easy access for the operator's manual.
  • Ergonomic Joystick Lever: An ergonomically designed joystick lever for front loader operation is standard on NX series tractors.
  • Powerful HST Transmission: HST models feature performance proven, heavy-duty HST drives that deliver power and efficiency. The three range transmission (Hi/Mid/Low) with twin pedal operation makes your job easier, smoother and safer.
  • HST Linked Pedal: When the HST linked pedal is engaged, the HST pedal and the engine rpm are synchronized. This reduces fuel consumption and simplifies tractor operation for a variety of utility and loader applications.
  • Advanced Air Conditioning System: The improved Cooling and Heating system will ensure comfortable working conditions for the operator year round.
  • Window Wiper: The standard window wiper (rear optional) improves visibility and keeps the window free from rain and dust.
  • Panoramic View: The comfortable cab with upgraded interior minimizes operator fatigue even after a long work day. The improved wiper position maintains a clear view for the operator.
  • Engine Model: 3F183T
  • Engine Gross Power: 55 hp (41 kW)
  • Rated Speed: 2,600 rpm
  • No. of Cylinders: 3
  • Fuel Type: Diesel
  • Aspiration: Turbo Charged
  • Displacement: 111.4 cu. in. (1,826 cc)
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 14.8 U.S. gal. (56 L)
  • Transmission Type: Hydrostatic
  • Shuttle: None
  • No. of Travel Speeds - Forward / Reverse: 3 Range
  • Min. Travel Speed of Forward w/ Ag @ Engine rated speed: 0 mph (0 km/h)
  • Max. Travel Speed of Forward w/ Ag @ Engine rated speed: 18.26 mph (29.38 km/h)
Power Take-Off (PTO)
  • PTO Type Trans: Independent
  • PTO Power: 43.1 hp (32.1 kW)
  • Mid PTO Speeds: 2,000 rpm (Optional)
  • Rear PTO Speeds (1st): 540 rpm
Brakes and Clutch
  • Brakes: Wet Multi Disc
  • Clutch: None
Dimensions w/ AG Tire
  • Length w/ 3-point hitch: 139.6 in. (3,547 mm)
  • Width: 65.7 in. (1,669 mm)
  • Height from Top of Cab: 94.1 in. (2,390 mm)
  • Wheelbase: 75.6 in. (1,920 mm)
  • Ground Clearance: 15.7 in. (400 mm)
  • Front Tread Ag Tires - Min: 53.3 in. (1,355 mm)
  • Rear Tread Ag Tires - Min: 52.5 in. (1,324 mm)
  • Turning Radius w/ Brake: 9.97 ft. (3.04 m)
  • Pump: Gear
  • Pump Capacity (Max. Flow Rate): 17.9 gpm (67.6 L/min)
3-Point Hitch
  • Standard Category: Category I & II
  • Lift Capacity, 24" aft of hitch: 3,177 lbs. (1,441 kg)
  • Control Type: Position with Draft Control
  • Weight with Ag Tires: 4,520 lbs. (2,050.3 kg)
Standard Equipment
  • Hydrostatic Power Steering
  • Rear PTO
  • Rear Differential Lock
  • Wet Multi Disc Brakes
  • Digital LED Panel
  • Draft Control
  • Joystick Valve
  • Fixed Drawbar
  • Headlights
  • Adjustable Seat
  • Safety Lights
  • Front Wiper
  • Cup Holder
  • Sun Visor
  • Air Conditioner
  • Power Socket
  • Side View Mirror
  • SMV Sign
  • Parking Brake
Optional Equipment
  • Front Weights
  • Single/ Dual Remote Hydraulic Valve
  • CD Player
  • 7 Pin Socket
  • Rear Wiper
  • Turn Assist
  • Locking Fuel Cap
  • Rear View Mirror
  • Rear Weight
Instrument Panel
  • Tachometer with Hour Meter
  • Temperature Gauge
  • Fuel Gauge
  • PTO Indicator
  • Oil Pressure Indicator
  • Low Fuel Indicator
  • Hydraulic Warning
  • Glow Plug Indicator
  • Parking Brake Indicator
  • Low Coolant Indicator
  • Agricultural: Front: 9.5-16
  • Agricultural: Rear: 16.9-24
  • Turf: Front: 29-12.5-15
  • Turf: Rear: 21.5L-16.1
  • Industrial: Front: 10-16.5
  • Industrial: Rear: 17.5-24
  • Backhoes : KB2485: Fits KIOTI DK10 Series (DK4510/5010/5510), DK40SE, DK45SE, DK50SE, DK55, DS4110, DS4510, NX4510, NX5010, NX5510, NX6010, RX6010 & RX6620 tractors. Specifications may vary depending on tractor model and are subject to change without notification. Tractors must be equipped with ROPS and seat belt that will provide greater safety.
  • Front End Loaders : KL6010: Fits the NX4510/5010/5510/6010 models. The KIOTI KL6010 front end loader is specifically designed for the NX Series tractors, providing efficient performance with single lever joystick control. The KIOTI loader, with a built-in parking stand, is designed to be quickly and easily attached and detached. KL Series loaders utilize the tractor's hydraulic system, feature single-lever control with float and come with a bucket level indicator. *Specifications may vary with tractor model, front axle configurations, tire size option and type of attachment and are subject to change without notification.
  • Snow Removal : SB72: Fits KIOTI DK40SE, DK45SE, DK50SE and NX tractors. Specifications and design are subject to change without notification.
  • Implements : Mowers and Cutters: KIOTI mowers and cutters make quick work of overgrown fields, large lawns and anything else that needs mowing. And since every unit is built to KIOTI quality standards, you can expect outstanding cutting performance, no matter what the terrain. Specifications and design are subject to change without notification.
  • Implements : Tillage Equipment: Effortlessly till up fields and gardens with KIOTI’s user-friendly tillage equipment. All rakes, tillers, plows, discs and cultivators are built with durable, high-quality components to deliver serious earth busting power. Specifications and design are subject to change without notification.
  • Implements : Hay Tools: High performance KIOTI Hay Tools are built with durable, high quality materials, so you can move bales like it’s nobody’s business.
  • Implements : 3-Point Equipment: KIOTI 3-Point Equipment is constructed with top notch, heavy-duty components to deliver the best in durability and performance job after job.



Engine Manufacturer
Engine Type
55 hp (41 kW)
43.1 hp (32.1 kW)
Rated RPM
2,600 rpm


75.6 in. (1,920 mm)
94.1 in. (2,390 mm)
65.7 in. (1,669 mm)
4,520 lbs. (2,050.3 kg)
Ground Clearance
15.7 in. (400 mm)


Fuel System
Fuel Capacity
14.8 U.S. gal. (56 L)
Wet Multi Disc
17.9 gpm (67.6 L/min)